Off to the Orchard…

Today I am having “family” birthday time with Cas & Dyl.  I am pretty excited.  We are hoping it stays warm enough for us to go venture out of the city and go frolic about at the apple orchard.  It is one of my favorite fall activities and I have not done it in a few years, so a month or so ago we decided it would be the perfect activity to do for my birthday.  I love getting to spend time with these two – my life is so rich because of them, they really are my family.  Then, we will come back and get freshened up before we meet up with others to keep celebrating.  I do not really know what all is planned for the night – I just know it will be with people I love, which is just the way I like it.  There is something about the suspense and unknown that I love…probably a little too much, but it works for me on days like today!

Hope you are having a fabulous fall day, my loves!  Any fabulous plans for the weekend?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Off to the Orchard…

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