Five Loves…

It may be cold out, but that means it is time to start wearing the faux fur again.  I love getting to wear my fur vest – it is like being wrapped up in a blanket all day long.

Men, take note.  These are amazing shoes.  The other day, I was walking in one one of my last days at work to find that one of my coworkers just went out shopping – and nailed it!  I was so proud – I had to take a picture and of course promised he would make it on the blog.  I think my work here is done!

Obsessed.  No other word for it – my matte finish top coat is changing my life – at least my manicure and pedicure world.  It was love at first stroke.

I love my birthday – it is a fun excuse to get my favorite people together and enjoy them.  I also like that I get to eat cake completely guilt free.  It has been a fabulous week of celebrating.  Today is going to be filled with spa treatments before I head off to a wedding (I know, right?!!)  and then tomorrow will be the big celebration.  I am excited to see what my lovely friends have planned for me – they make me feel so loved!

I love fortune cookies.  Not so much for the taste – but because I love reading the fortunes.  Seriously, I have issues – I collect them.  This one I got earlier this week and it has had me rather intrigued all week…I wonder just what it will be…either way, I am excited!

How do you feel about your birthday?  Do you like making a big deal out of it or prefer it to be just a normal day?

Much love,


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