Ladylike Leanings…

In the summer the look is flowy, but come autumn things become a little more crisp and clean.  There is a tailored look about fall that brings out your ladylike side.  This tailored look is all over the office, but even on the weekends you will see a lady in tailored blazer.  There is something about fall fashion that always allows us to start afresh and give ourselves a new look – so that may be what leads so many of us to a more tailored look.  It may also be that a tailored layer look looks chic and keeps you from getting the marshmallow issue – which no one wants.  Here are some of my favorite tailored ladylike looks…




Do you enjoy a more tailored look come fall?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Ladylike Leanings…

  1. Especially as I’ve gotten older, my collection of blazers seems to be expanding much more quickly than my collection of hoodies. The crispness of a well cut blazer definitely fits with the season. Great looks, as always. And now I’m suddenly obsessed with finding a camel coat as good as the one here. 🙂

    ❤ Josephine

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