End of an Era…

I have always been one to fully express myself as I see fit – even if it goes against cultural norms.  I was far more extreme when I was younger, but still have a few ways that I stay true to that even as I approach my late-20’s.  I am not changing who I am, but I am about to remove a part of me – or so it feels.  I guess this is part of growing up – having to say goodbye to some of this expression.  I am going to take out my facial piercings.  It feels weird.  I mean yes, they are an accessory – but an accessory that has been a part of my daily life since I can remember.  However, on the flip side, I feel good about taking them out – it is a sort of cleansing for me as I walk into a new position – start clean and fresh.  And plus, I can still accessorize with other fun sparkly pieces…maybe now that these diamonds are gone I will get lucky enough to get a different diamond in my collection?!  Oh how a gal can dream…

Have you ever changed something about your appearance for a job?  Was it worth it?  Was it hard for you?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “End of an Era…

  1. While I don’t have facial piercings, I’ve found myself slowly giving up on some of the wold sartorial excesses of my past (e.g. neon eye shadow and baby doll dresses with combat boots).

  2. The corporate world is far too dry for my taste, in terms of style. It’s so weird dressing so conservatively sometimes! I love the monroe piercing, even though I never was brave enough to try it, and don’t think it would suit my face anyways. It looks awesome in these pictures though! The late twenties certainly bring some changes. A girl can dream of diamonds for sure…me too.

  3. I remember taking out my eyebrow piercing. It was sad and I actually changed my mind and tried to put it back in later, with no luck. But it’s good to embrace the new season and you still have plenty of ways to express yourself. And congrats on the new role!

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