Falling for Gingham…


Gingham.  A classic pattern that may make you think of the farm boys or Southern belles most days, but this fall gingham is every where and for everyone to enjoy.  I love how a classic pattern like this can be edged up by pairing with some ripped up boyfriend jeans and edgy arm candy.  Or pair it with a classic pencil skirt and you can take trendy to the office and still keep it professional.  Now, the only challenging decision you will be faced with is – what color to go with?!  You seem to be able to find this classic pattern in every color one could desire…and guys, this trend is not just for the ladies, so do take note how you can work it into your style, too.  Pair i gingham shirt with a simple black skinny tie – sharp, or to put it in simple terms – hott.


Are you going to be falling for the gingham trend, or have you already joined in on the fun?  How are you styling gingham to keep it true to you?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Falling for Gingham…

  1. I’ve always loved gingham on guys. Who know how many I’ve bought my husband over the years, but I never thought of it as a look for me??? Now you have me thinking and wanting to go shopping! Thanks for the tip!

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