Five Loves…


I love this look so much and it is perfect for a Friday working from home look that transitions to an extended lunch with girlfriends.


I am in love with this ring.  Really, I am in love with all of Yasuko Azuma’s designs.  Some of the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen.


Bright bold Aztec patterns.  Stunning.  I love them.  Can summer please stay around a little bit longer so we can keep playing with patterns and color?!!


Layering on the arm candy – can anyone really get enough of it this summer?!!


I love this dress and it’s simple silhouette.  Perfect for a carefree stroll through the city.

What are some of the tings you are still loving about summer style?  Are you still enjoying it or are you ready for fall?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. These are such good looks! I LOVE the first one, and that dress, I could live in. I definitely miss the ethereal looks that are so appropriate for summer, and never quite make the jump to fall. And being able to leave the house without a jacket/sweater/etc. Somedays I just don’t want sleeves. I’m hanging on for a few more sweet summer weekends 🙂

    ❤ Josephine

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