Off the Shoulder…

I am not sure what it is, but there is something so breathtaking about the off the shoulder look.  Maybe it is the subtle view of part of the woman’s collar bone, which is so beautiful.  I also know that when I am wear a shirt that is off the shoulder I have a more relaxed and sensual feel – does anyone else feel that way?!  I mean, even in the most cozy casual outfit, you can still have a little sensuality to you because of that bare shoulder showing through.  It is a simple look, but a simply divine look in my book.



How do you feel about the off the shoulder look?  Sensual or sloppy?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Off the Shoulder…

  1. So funny because I often wear off the shoulder and I actually wear it to work. My coworkers call off the shoulder shirts Dawn shirts. If they wear one, they’re like “today I’m wearing a Dawn shirt” lol. I think it’s more sensual and classier than showing cleavage.

    Happy almost Friday, sweetie! xoxo

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