Beautiful Wood…


Designers find inspiration in all sorts of places.  For Sophie Monet, that inspiration started in her father’s wood shop a few years back and has transformed into a stunning company that brings art, nature and beauty all together in one piece of jewelry.  Here Sophie shares a little more on her inspiration and design, “My jewelry is a synthesis of my life.  The wood represents Los Angeles and what I was surrounded by growing up.  Whether it be palm trees that line the streets from Venice to Santa Monica or my close family bonds, and the wood shop I spent my childhood in.  The gol and stone represent my entry into independence in New York.  The urban mountains continue to be a source of my inspiration, shaping the growth of my knowledge.  I synthesize and sculpt the materials that surround me, bringing natural elements into different contexts.”




Where do you draw inspiration from?  Would wood jewelry fit in with your style? I am totally in love with the wood pony tail piece.

Much love,


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