Two Years in the Know…


It is crazy to think that two years ago today I was sitting in one of my favorite little coffee shops in Minneapolis and decided I wanted to start this little blog.  I never would have thought it would open up a whole world – well, rather literally, the world to me.  I have had the privilege to connect with so many wonderful people because of this little corner of the internet.  Thank you for always coming back to read, comment, emails, and the sweet hand written cards – they always melt my heart and put a big smile on my face.

On Fridays, I always do five loves, but they are of things that are happening out and around me.  Today, I am sharing some of my loves from the past year that are all my own images taken from my daily life…


Fun girly dates around the city that include sharing in our love of arm candy.


My red Hunter boots and striped J. Crew dress – seriously one of my favorite outfits from this past year.  I love when it rains simply because I get to wear my boots.


Mani/pedi dates with my dear friend, and soon to be house mate – I love that we are not afraid of any hole in the wall place in the hood if we go together!  Plus, when it is that cheap, we can justify going more often.  Who doesn’t love a little pampering  from time to time, and getting to share it with a friend – even better.


Getting to add to my tattoo collection this past year has certainly been a fun highlight.  I love even more that my Minnesota tattoo is new, but feels more like it has been a part of me forever – that is how you know you made the right decision on a tat.


It has been a full year, that is for sure – as you can see, I will take a cat nap whenever and wherever I can get one in, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  So, loves, thank you for joining me on these adventures these past two years – I am excited for what is ahead in this next year and many more to come!

Is there anything you want to see from me this upcoming year?  How can I keep you more in the know?!

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Two Years in the Know…

  1. Your blog is so wonderful! Such an inspiration, especially for a new blogger like myself! Also, weirdest thing… we have matching tattoos! I have a Ichthys (aka “Jesus fish”) on my inner right ankle!

    Happy blogiversary! xx

  2. Yay! Congrats. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog, not only because I love to hear what’s going on with you but because you make fashion easier to relate to and always have great ideas. I also LOVe seeing more pictures of you and your adorable outfits. So fun. Here’s to 2 more years and many more to come after that!!

  3. Love this 🙂 Gorgeous photos, especially you in the coffee shop. Minnesota certainly has a way of working itself inside of you so you never let it go. I love your beautiful, insightful posts, and can’t wait to see so many more! Thanks for being such a great inspiration. And congrats on your blog-anniversary! Have a fabulous weekend.

    ❤ Josephine

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