Running Late…


Do you ever wake up late and feel like you are in a panic because you have no time to get ready?!  Especially take care of that crazy bed head??  I am not sure what it has been as of late, but I have loved that snooze button and seemed to need to have quick fixes for my hair.  That has made for a lot of curly hair days, but that is not always a good fix.  Sometimes hair looks extra frizzy or if my hair is straight from the day before, there needs to be some other alternatives.  My personal favorites this summer have been the top knot and side pony tails.  This little video is super helpful to help you create super cute looks in a time crunch.  Instead of pulling pieces out to make it look more relaxed, I leave those in to give it a more polished look to still look professional at the office.

What are your quick fixes for your hair when you are running late?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Running Late…

  1. Getting up has seemed especially difficult lately! My go-to is a top knot. I feel like I have too much hair that’s far too messy otherwise! Great post.

    ❤ Josephine

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