Blazing White…


Blazers dress up any look – casual or dressy.  They add a crisp look to any outfit.  This summer I cannot get enough of white blazers.  They are so cute and make jean shorts even look cute – which I had begun to think was impossible.  When I have a jam packed evening of fun events after work, but need something that looks professional for the day – my go to piece is always my white blazer.  It helps any look transition well through the day, which is key today since I am going from an extra long work day off to a bridal shower (thank goodness wine will be involved – after 12 hours, everyone needs wine) – the white blazer is saving the day today.




How do you feel about pairing a blazer with any type of look?  What is your go to piece this summer?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Blazing White…

  1. White blazers are so a must this summer! I got one at Nordstrom earlier in the season and have been wearing it to death. It goes with everything! Love this post 🙂 Have fun at the bridal shower! And yes, everyone definitely needs wine after a 12 hour day.

    ❤ Josephine

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