Back Down to Reality…

I am normally one for heels or wedges, especially at the office.  However, recently I have been all about embracing the reality of my shortness and wearing flats.  There have been so many cute pairs – simply irresistible, even for this shorty who prefers to ignore that reality.  I have a great pair of of Steve Madden flats that are black and gray stripped, naturally I would have a pair of flats I am living in that have stripes on them.  Now all I need is an ikat pattern pair and some fun neon flats.  I do not know how long this phase will last, but I think my feet are enjoying the break from time to time.



How do you feel about flats and revealing the reality of your height?  Where do you find yourself running around in flats?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Back Down to Reality…

  1. Flats are my favorite but for the office I usually go with a heel. I read somewhere that is helps your career. Those flats are really cute. Thanks for sharing!

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