Five Loves…

Love the simplicity of her make-up.  It is a perfect inspiration for the wedding make-up we will be having done today to make us pretty for the camera and wedding this evening.  (Don’t worry loves, not my wedding – you would know if it was my wedding…and I probably would not be posting!)

I love this print.  AND I love my city.  That’s right, loves, my heart has completely been won over by this diverse and magical city.  There is a part that resonates with every part of my being…and that makes me happy to call it home.

I love a good hot summer and taking time to lay out and soak up some rays.  What little lady doesn’t love a little sun kissed look?!

Natalie Neal is truly talented with a camera.  I love this rainbow she captured.  I also love rainbows.  They still blow my mind every time I see one.

I love when men get dressed up and tonight I will get to see all sorts of it at the wedding.  I especially love a good skinny tie on a man.  Makes me weak in the knees.

What are some of your favorite summer wedding looks?

Much love,


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