All the Single Ladies…

Well, this week is all about wedding for for this little lady, as one of my dear friends (and old roommate) is getting married on Friday!  So, tomorrow night we are heading out to celebrate her last few days of independence, as well as the exciting new part of her life that is about to begin.  Now, we are not the crazy type, which is why we can have a Bachlorette Party mid-week, but we will still have a good time and get all dolled up.  The bride-to-be and I will be getting our nails done earlier in the afternoon before we meet up with everyone for dinner and really get the night kicked off.  So, that means, it is time for me to nail down what I am actually going to wear.  It has to be something easy to slip into, and if I could make it transition from the office to evening that would be even better, but I think we may need a little wardrobe change…even if that means in the car quickly.  I want to have something fun and bright on (I mean, hello – I LOVE neon), but also light and airy because it has been so hot here.  Here are some of my inspirations for the night…

What would you wear to a mid-week bachlorette party?  What are some of your favorite things to do for bachlorette parties?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “All the Single Ladies…

  1. Wow mid week! I couldn’t imagine. Although I have been to a mellow bachelorette party a few months ago. It was a nice refreshing change actually and guess it could have been held during the week. I love all of these outfit choices. Definitely go for neon. Adds a little spark to the fun factor 🙂 xoxo

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