Chic Jorts…

Is that even possible?!  Chic jean shorts, or if you will, jorts?!  It sure seems it is trending up and down the streets these days.  Take you casual jean cut-offs and throw on a blazer and some cute shoes, and suddenly the grunge has been replaced by chic.  I love it, but then again, I love throwing a blazer on almost anything.

How do you feel about the trend of dressing up your jean shorts?  Will you be the next I see walking down the streets?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Chic Jorts…

  1. Big yes from me!!! I’m all about it this summer. Never thought I’d ever dare put a pair of shorts on again but bought two of these back in May and have been living in them with blazers in the city 🙂

    Happy Monday, sweetie! xoxo

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