Five Loves…

I adore this skirt so much.  The tribal pattern is perfectly bright and pairs against sun kissed legs lovely.  This is going on the wanted list, for sure.

Laying in a hammock in the summer time is one of my favorite things.  So simple, yet it is perfect.  The perfect carefree place to dose off, get lost in your mind, or read a book.  Now, to be able to share that with someone, well, that would simply be lovely.

Sitting on a dock by the water on a summer day.  That is perfection in my mind.

Getting a hand written note or letter in the mail always puts a smile on my face.  I know email and texts are faster, but there is still something special about snail mail.

Back to the Basilica, I go tonight.  Love outdoor music festivals.  And this year’s lineup should not be a let down – so excited to see some of my favs again, and some for the first time!

Have you had part of the week off, or maybe even the whole week?  What have you been doing to welcome in lovely July?

Much love,



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