The Screen Saver…

Okay, not a real screen saver as when your computer goes to sleep, but rather it is a metaphor.  Stop for a moment, what is your default thought you find yourself going to?  Often times it can be that new relationship or wanting to be a new relationship, or that new piece you are dreaming to have to add to your wardrobe, or like me currently…a new house.  That’s right my loves, it looks like the big move (goal of 2012) is becoming more and more of a reality by being a big move across town to a new house.  My very own house. Problem is, I am still in the house hunting stage, which I did a lot of last night, and now it is all I can think about and talk about.  I think if I send one more house or dream living room to my coworkers they may scream – they can only see so many before they go – alright, lady, just buy one already!  But really, they are excited for me, they just wish I would take the plunge already.  It has been so fun to look and dream of what could be.  Also, it is funny to see that what I am drawn to in my personal style is what I am drawn to in my interior design plans…black, white and greys anyone?!  Or is this just a fashionista problem?!

What is your current “screen saver,” if you will?  Do you own your home?  Glad you do or do you feel stuck?  I’m finding putting down roots is somewhat scary, but an exciting scary.  I’ve called Minneapolis home for a few years now, and now I am ready to really make it home because I do LOVE this city.

Much love,


3 thoughts on “The Screen Saver…

  1. So exciting that you’re going to buy a house soon. I’ve never actually had the opportunity to house hunt. Well for about a half of year I got MLSLI sent to me. But then we decided to stay in the city and keep on renting. The majority of my house hunting is limited to watching HGTV. LOL. 🙂 xoxo

  2. I love that bedroom and would totally do something like that while you’re single 😉 So excited for you buying your own house! We are looking at houses in Minnesota too… and starting to dream about moving back a little more seriously.

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