The Fashionable Mullet…

Don’t worry, loves, I am not advocating for the return of the mullet hairstyle (though let’s be honest…anything is possible…).  Rather, I cannot get enough of they fabulous flowing dresses where you do not have to choose whether or not you want a short skirt or a long skirt and you get the best of both worlds.  There is something so romantic and free spirit about this look with the back of the skirt flowing behind you as you walk.  They are fun to wear, beautiful to capture on film, and the options are endless.  If you are a free spirited hippie at heart – there is a mullet dress for you.  Hitting the red carpet or need something for a wedding – check, that is covered, too.  All the way to the bride herself, which if I were getting married anytime soon I may have to go with a dress like this because then I could have AMAZING shoes (shocking that this fashionista would be rocking fabulous shoes?!) and everyone would get to see them – it is perfect.

Okay, I am not planning a wedding anytime soon, but I seriously think I just found my dream wedding inspiration.  Dang.  I love ALL of it.

How do you feel about this fashionable twist to the mullet?  How would rock the mullet skirt trend?  Are you a fan of non-traditional wedding dresses?  Would you go non-traditional, or did you?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “The Fashionable Mullet…

  1. I’m madly in love with this look. It’s where sexy meets romantic 🙂 I’m not sure if I’d like the style for my wedding dress but for every other occasion it’s perfect!

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