Arm Candy…

There is something about sun kissed arm covered in gorgeous arm candy.  They simply sparkle more.  I love them.  Almost a little too much…it can get a little distracting when I am talking in a meeting…because I tend to talk with my arms.  However, I have one lady in my office who always makes a point to stop by my desk to see what the arm candy of the day is…it may be a healthcare IT office, but we still have an appreciation for style.

Do you load on the arm candy?  Or do you stick to the simplicity look for your arms?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Arm Candy…

  1. I love all of these inspiration photos, but I’m pretty much a minimalist, and I usually stick to 1 or 2 cuffs per arm. I work at a computer, and I couldn’t imagine typing with all of that dangling off of my wrists!

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