Going North…

It has almost been a year since I last headed north to my hometown, Duluth, but that is where I am today.  I am only here for a short trip but it gives me some girl time with my sister and mother.  It is not something we do often, but when we all manage to find a day where the three of us are free it is so worth making the effort.  We by no means are normal, and one of us (more often all of us…) tend to attract some sort of attention when we are in public together, but that always makes for fun stories and laughs later.  So loves, I best be off…I need to go put my toes in the lake (Lake Superior that is) and frolic on the beach (yes, we have a real beach with sand).

How often do you head back to your hometown?  Up to anything fun today, loves?

Much love,


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