Five Loves…

For the overcast spring days this is the perfect trench…and it matches her pumps perfectly.  Loving it.

A fort on the beach for the perfect Memorial Day picnic – is there even any question if I am in love with this idea?!  Needs to be done stat!

Having a long weekend means having more time to do the things I love, one which means curling up with a good book.  I love three day weekends (and even feels more like a four day since I am working from home today).

This is my kind of vanity.  I love the rustic feel, but I have no idea when I would actually make it (I hate cutting glass/mirrors…I have had issues in the past).  I love getting to look at interior spaces for inspiration as I plan my new space.

Such a carefree look that is perfect for this Memorial Day weekend.  I love when my look can match my attitude and this weekend is all about being free (well, minus the time I am at the wedding…but I am sure I will land on a dress that is more free spirit feel).

What are you doing with your long weekend (I mean, if you get to have one)?  Do you work different hours in summer to have more time on the weekends?

Much love,


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