Bendel’s is Coming to Town…

That is right, loves, you heard right.  The iconic Henri Bendel of New York City is opening an accessory store in the glamourous south wing of the Mall of America, better known as MOA.  It is one of the fabulous perks to living in Minneapolis – the largest mall right in your back yard.  Now, it is not always the mall I go to, though it is the closest to me currently and I know where to park to get in and out quick (and yes, it is doable)…and now I have an even better reason to go.  My favorite store is coming to me – this is simply amazing!  To be completely candid, when I read the article I teared up a bit with excitement…it is the simple things in life, I guess.  I was so excited I ran to tell a dear friend at the office and she was excited for me in one breath and then said, “This may end up being very dangerous…” and then we both laughed but knew she could be right.  So, in order to keep my love for all things brown and white stripped, I will have to limit myself, but you best believe I will be frequenting this lovely store to take in the beauty.  Henri Bendel.  Accessories.  Makes for a happy girl (I should really say #happygirl to use my current favorite hashtag on Twitter).

Who wants to go shopping?  What is your favorite store?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Bendel’s is Coming to Town…

  1. I’ve seen a couple articles lately (NYT?) about how folks still aren’t shopping as much, but when they do, they are likely to splurge at high-end places. The MOA rehab of one or two of their corridors started a couple years ago (with Burberry, Stuart Weitzman, etc) and seems to have been perfectly timed with this pattern. Very good job by MOA to be on the forefront and aware of their market, and to follow through by attracting these retailers.

  2. So happy for you! I’d definitely share your excitement. Bendels is definitely one of my favorite stores ever. I just wish that I still had my old 40% discount that I had when I worked for Bath & Body Works which was Limited corporate like Bendels 🙂 xoxo

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