Five Loves…

Choosing to find joy in the simple things like some time to be free outside and soak in the sun – how can you not smile and love that?!

Elephants make me so happy.  Elephants in love and dressed up to look proper, if you will, makes me smile instantly.

Fresh blueberries make me smile.  Fresh blueberries in cupcakes, well now I am just on cloud nine, my loves!

No shame.  You dance, stretch, do yoga wherever you please – even if that means in public.  Trust me, it will help you release and maybe even crack a smile.

Simple carefree day that involves sitting on the floor is always lovely.

What are you loving this week that is bringing a smile to your face?

Much love,


One thought on “Five Loves…

  1. You always pick the best photos! 🙂
    I had an interview in London on Friday, and whatever the outcome, it meant that I was able to see a beautiful area of London, walk across a beautiful bridge over the river (albeit painfully in heels – but that is also how I ended up buying 2 pairs of bargain flats afterwards!) and have a quick catch up with a lovely friend – and those things truly put a smile on my face.
    Happy weekend!

    Katie xx

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