Summer Curls…

With the weather warming up comes humidity.  Humidity means curly hair gets curlier.  I love straightening my hair or blowing it out and then using a big curling iron on it, but those days are not meant to be year round for this lady.  With naturally curly hair, I have learned it is best to embrace the natural curl and let it do its own thing in the summertime.  I mean it is going to whether I like it or not, so acceptance and working with that tends to work better for me.  The change of style is fun though and gives a more carefree and easygoing look, which fits well with summertime.

Do you have naturally curly hair?  Do you embrace the natural look in the summer or do you fight humidity?  What products work for you to tame you locks?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Summer Curls…

  1. Such a timely post because my hair is curling up as I type!! It’s so humid here today. I have curly hair and I blow it everyday but never when I’m at the beach which is quite often during the summer. And I have to tell you my hair loves me for giving it that break from the dryer during those months 🙂

  2. i have wavy hair, and come summers they go all like …puff puff puff…damn irritating, given that i have very good volume and straight hair works amazing well for me…grass is greener on the other side, eh?

    off later i have started using this catwalk conditioner and it is the best conditioner so far to tame down my hair, make they very sleek and soft. I ❤ this one!

  3. I have straight hair and am jealous of those who have lovely curls naturally! It always seems to be the way that if you have curls you want straight and if you have straight you want curly – it’s nice to hear you’re enjoying your natural curls! xx

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