Trending {Minneapolis}…

This past weekend Minneapolis, well really St. Paul and Minneapolis, were full of life and culture.  There was the St. Paul Art Crawl, the drop of Vision the Kid’s new album The Comedown release party, Cliche’s fashion show, and then Behind the Scenes’ event Beauty and Brains.  It was a jam packed weekend of all the latest trends and setting trends.  It actually made me think for a moment the big move might just be across the city…don’t worry, it was a fleeting thought.  But still, it has me loving where I am right now.  I especially loved that the ladies from Behind the Scenes took good care of me and treated me like a queen, while I got some great pieces (including a new angled blazer – love) without taking a big hit on the pocket book – who doesn’t love that?!

What do you love about your city?  How do you discover new parts of your city to keep it exciting to you?

Much love,


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