The Chic Bag Lady…

For the working ladies, and well even the ladies in school, there is one accessory we have with us every day – our office bag, briefcase, or backpack – whatever you call you fabulous carry all office.  However, too often, I see boring briefcases that were given by the company on all these fabulously dressed women.  And confession, I was one of these women, until finally last week I decided it was time to step up my game and get a classic, yet chic carry all office – and leave the company’s at the office.  Under my desk.  The search took me awhile because finding the right bag with enough compartments to hold everything, yet not look too bulky can be a challenge.  Plus, needing something that works well with the seasons is crucial for a Minnesota gal, as we do have all four here.  While I was shopping I had a pile that looked something like this…

I finally chose a simple classic style that is a deep chocolate brown, almost black, leather with patentent leather snake skin detailing to add a little spice to the bag.  It is comfortable to carry and fits everything – I love it.  I mean I wish I could afford this, but wasn’t sure I could justify the splurge at this point in life…as I am still only in my mid-twenties…

How about you, what do you use for your daily office tote?  Do you think it is worth investing in a fabulous briefcase?  What are the crucial things you look for in the perfect carry all?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “The Chic Bag Lady…

  1. I don’t use an office tote but if I did, I would definitely go with something more fashionable than a briefcase or laptop bag. Although I really hope I never have an occasion to need one, because that means I never bring work home with me – just the way I like it.

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