In Bloom…

Springtime is always a lovely time.  Everything is coming back to life.  The grass turns green.  The lilac bushes are in full bloom filling the air with their sweet heavenly scent. Wildflowers are starting to pop up and fill the ground with color.  Everything seems to be in bloom – even our clothes this spring.  Everywhere I turn, I see more pedals gracing the patterns of blouses, dress,  and even pants.  This spring the flowers are taking over – and I am loving it.  Flowers have that effect on people, you just naturally smile when you see them – so why not wear them…

How about you loves, are you in full bloom love for floral prints?

Much love,



6 thoughts on “In Bloom…

  1. I’m much in love with florals, and I love how it can actually be edgy and not too sweet if accessorized right 🙂

  2. I’m loving them too! They’re everywhere. I haven’t made a purchase yet. I think the pants won’t really work for me…I’m not that much of a pant girl to begin with so I think it might be overboard for me. That last skirt though is definitely calling my name 🙂 xoxo

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