Five Loves…

The way these colors and patterns play together is captivating.  I seriously stared at this photo for at least a minute being sucked in.  I love the contrast and yet the extremely complimenting patterns together.

So, Apartment Therapy has been having a contest on small spaces.  This little gem has caught my eye.  Friends, meet my dream space.  Small, chic, perfect colors – I mean seriously, how can you not love those dark hard wood floors and grey walls.  The only way to make this space a tad bit better is add some exposed brick – but then I would just be melting and lose my ability to type…

It is a simple and short list.  Yet, so thought provoking.  The first time I saw this list I sat pensively.  Do I love?  Who and what do I love?  Am I really letting myself dream?  What am I dreaming about?  How can I be dreaming bigger?  What truly sets me free?  I know what I say sets me free – Jesus – but is this really freeing me?  How do I practically see myself living in the freedom I have because of Jesus?  As you can see – easy to get lost in your mind with this one…

Stunning.  One of the most refreshing poses in yoga – it helps you slow down, settle in and focus on your breath.  I could stay there for hours…as my yoga mat is my favorite place in the world.  No matter where it is – I am happy there.

This outfit is amazing.  From head to toe.  I love the whole thing.  I keep coming back to this image for inspiration because it is overflowing from her.  The fact that she is happy and just caught in the moment adds so much to the look.

What have you been getting lost in this week?

Much love,


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