A Century Ago…

Can you believe a hundred years ago today the Titanic sank?  The ship that all thought not even God Himself could sink, did.  I am a lover of history and became intrigued to learn more about this sad story when I was in middle school, much having to do with a huge crush on Leo and the coming out of the 1997 film Titanic (which, yes – I did go enjoy in 3D the other night with a few girlfriends), but also because I find myself daydreaming about the lives that were lost at sea, but even more the lives that lived through that tragic experience.  How did it shape them?  Change their views on the world?  Aside from that, I also love looking at pictures to see the women that were in first class and their gorgeous dresses.  Ladies, why can’t we wear dresses like this to dinner every night – and have it be a normal thing?  Oh yeah…time…well, could we do brunches like this?!  They are so flattering and the details – stunning.

Would you want to wear the styles from a 100 years ago?  Have you gone to see Titanic in 3D yet?

Happy Saturday, loves!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “A Century Ago…

  1. I giggled a little when I read this because I too was obsessed with Leo and the history behind the famous ship after I watched the movie! I remember my friends and I had a million pictures of Leo plastered all over our Trapper Keepers (remember those?) lol. Anyway… I def want to see the movie again in 3D! 🙂

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