The LWD…

So we have all heard of a LBD…Little Black Dress.  I mean, what lady doesn’t have a few fabulous LBD’s in the closet to slip on when you need something chic and fast – it always does the trick.  But let’s change think up a bit as spring is fully upon us and summer is right around the corner with a LWD…Little White Dress.  There are so many stunning white dresses out there that have a fabulous whimsical feel.  Some are chic, some are playful and some are sweet.  I cannot wait to get to wear one to the office with a blazer and then transition perfectly to a night out on the town with friends on a patio for a drink.  The only place I will not be wearing a LWD is to a wedding…well, at least not without a fabulously bright blazer.  I am not one for stealing the bride’s thunder.

Are you a fan of the LWD trend this year?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “The LWD…

  1. I love them. Loved them last year too, especially as I had bought a white dress with lace detail a few years previous and it had become on trend. I need to stop telling myself I don’t need more than one, because there are so many nice ones in many different styles and they are perfect for summertime. x

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