Five Loves…

This whole look is perfect for a breezing spring day.  I am feeling the need for a khaki spring coat.  Perfection.

Beautiful inspiration for an Easter look.  Classy, yet fun and not too overdone.  Love it.  I will be with southerners on Sunday, so this would also help me blend in a bit.

Family holiday weekends normally translates to a quiet house for me.  And I simply adore that.  So excited to have some time to myself and read – it’s an introvert thing.

Her sunglasses are stunning.  The subtle cat eye is perfect.

I love Easter.  Mainly, because I love Jesus.  I also love it because I get to spend time with my “family” – they may not be biological relatives, but they truly are wonderful.  The little kiddos will have their wonderful Easter egg hun and the adults will stand by and laugh – it is great.  I am not really a kid person, but those two girls sure have me wrapped around their finger – they really are nieces to me.

Do you celebrate Easter?  What will you be doing this weekend?

Much love,


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