Five Loves…

With all the wet cold spring weather, all I can think about is getting a cute pair of Hunter rain boots to go with my new Bendel umbrella.  I adore them.  I am thinking red, to match my red handle.

With the rain comes fresh flowers.  I loved walking down the streets of NYC and seeing all the beautiful fresh flowers – spring is here, my loves.

Sometimes the Olsen’s just get it right.  This is one of those moments.  Love.

Simple.  Sheer.  Sparkly.  Three “s” you put together to spell stunning in my book.

With spring in full swing, it is time to bust out the bike and start enjoying the streets in more freedom.  Sadly, my bike was stolen, so first I need to get a new bike and then I can get back to enjoying – which is greatly enjoying in Minneapolis, as we are the number one biking city.

What are you loving as spring is in full swing?

Much love,


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