Crops Trending…

With spring in full swing trends are surfacing for this year.  One that seems to be everywhere is the crop top – and not just for the grunge look this year.  There are chic ladies taking on this trend in a classy subtle way, with just a little skin peeking through.  If you are a fan of the flowy crop tops, but do not love baring your skin for all to see, throwing a cami underneath is always a great alternative to allow you to enjoy the trend.

Are you yay or nay on this crop trop trend?  How would you style the trend?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Crops Trending…

  1. So funny because while we were having brunch at Beaumarchais yesterday, we saw this woman wearing a full on crop top. It ended right under her chest and she was showing everything. I mean she had a fabulous body but still I couldn’t believe it!

    Maybe I’ll do the crop top thing when I’m in bikini ready shape. Wishful thinking…. 🙂

    Hope you had a great time here and I’m so sorry I missed you. Just wrote you an email. xoxo

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