Five Loves…

One of my first stops this weekend will certainly be to Magnolia Bakery to have my very own Carrie Bradshaw moment with my favorite cupcake in the whole entire world.  It is one of my musts on every trip to the city.

A stroll on the High Line.  I cannot wait to enjoy this lovely spot (well stretch of spots) along the west side on Manhattan.  It is one of my favorite places in the city – day or night.

The street style of NYC is always one of my favorite things to enjoy about the city.  It is as if there are no rules and everyone feels free to express themselves.  Love that.

What a great view of the city.  And yes, I will be doing yoga in random places in the city I am sure.

And what trip to the city would not be complete without a little trip to Bendel’s?!  So excited to visit one of my all time favorite stores.  It’s a fashionista’s heaven on earth.

What are your favorite places in NYC?

Much love,


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