Time to Fly Away…

In a few short hours, I will pack up at the office and head out for a long weekend.  I could not be more excited.  I need a break.  It is time to fly away for a bit.  And what a better place to fly to than my first love (at least when we are talking city love) – NYC.  I will be stopping at home to change out of my business slacks and into a more casual look, but still chic.  Skinnies and boots are basically my staple items for flying because they are comfortable, yet still easy enough to run through the airport if needed – which let’s be honest, is often needed.  And then, pair a blazer with it – perfect because you have the pockets you need, works as a jacket to fight off the brutal AC that takes over a plane no matter the temp outside, but not too bulky that you feel like you are going to hit everyone when walking down the aisle.

What is your go-to travel outfit?  Any fun trips coming up?

Much love,


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