I am in love with Ruche’s Enchantment lookbook.  It is so whimsical and heavenly.  Honestly, every look – stunning.  It has this power to captivate you as you page through and take you on a lovely little getaway to a magical land where there is not a care in the world.  Who wouldn’t want to wear some of these looks?!  Especially  with how warm it was this past weekend, I am dying to just have it be summer for the next nine months – it would be a new fun thing for Minneapolis.  Nine months of summer rather than nine months of winter – has a rather enchanting ring to it, if you ask me.  Here are some of the other looks from the lookbook…

Have you been experiencing this early summer heat wave?  Does it have you hoping summer is here to stay, too?  What are looking forward to wearing with the warmer temps coming out?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Enchanted…

  1. i love the way they all look like they could be floating in these pictures… the big curls, the volume in the dresses, the lighting, so beautiful!

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