The Bright Side…

It is all the rage.  Colored denim.  A trend that is going to keep hanging around for awhile it looks like.  Personally, I am a fan.  I finally found a fun pair of mint green skinnies – and I love them.  Through a blazer and pumps with them and I have a look that works for the office and transitions into the night for a date.  Or, I can through on some flip flops and a simple white tea and have a lovely carefree Saturday look.  Colored denim is perfect for spring to bring us to the bright side of the year.

Are you embracing the trend of bringing the bright side to your back side?  What is your color?

Much love,


6 thoughts on “The Bright Side…

  1. Buying a pair of coloured jeans is right at the top of my list of things to do this weekend! I have my eye on a pair in the colour of the second photo which I’ve already tried on. If you’ve read some of my latest posts, you’ll know I’m on the lookout for coloured and bold bottoms!

    Katie x

  2. Omg, where did you find your mint green skinnies?? I have been on the hunt for some the last 2 weeks and I can’t find the right color or the right price. I bet they look cute with a pair of nude heels!
    ❤ P

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