All Cinched Up…

There is a clear rising trend of pants and shorts that are pleated and cinched at the top adding a fun subtle ruffle of sorts.  They always look super cute on the models in pictures.  I also love how it is another fun take on the high-waist trend.  The only thing I can not decide is if I would love them on everyone – because let’s be honest, most of us are not looking for extra fabric around our waist – but does this actually flatter a woman’s waist line?!  I think it may, as I have yet to see it done in a way I do not think looks super cute.  I may have to go on the hunt this week to try on a few for my own and see if this is a trend I will indulge in…pants or shorts is yet to be determined.  I do really like the shorts though for spring, and with the warmer temps here in Minneapolis spring fever is in full swing!

Are you loving this trend or are you going to leave it for others to indulge in?

Much love,


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