Lost in a Dream…

Some days, or weeks (okay – or months…even years…yes by now we all are singing the theme song to Friends) just seem to be off.  Reality is not really where you want to be for whatever reason.  Something in life is hard, work is stressful, relationship drama, you’re feeling burnt out, or maybe all of the above seem to come crashing down at once and a vacation is not really an option – nor is crawling in bed and hoping it all goes away.  Those moments are when you will find me most lost in a dream.  I know it is not good to escape all the time, but sometimes a little day dream helps get you through those moments.  I am there now, and so here is a little glimpse into my day dream…

What do you day dream about when you need to just escape from reality for a moment?

Much love,


8 thoughts on “Lost in a Dream…

  1. Mmm… coffee is almost always part of my dream. Or cinnamon vanilla tea with milk. Either way. And a European adventure, wandering through the streets of some adorable Italian or French town with no place to be, just people-watching and taking in the beauty. Or sitting on the beach and scrunching my toes in the warm sand with a tasty beverage in hand.

    Thanks, I needed that today 🙂

  2. I love that the picture stating “there is always hope” had a world map in the background 🙂
    I day dream about a large bed with lots of fluffy blankets and a yummy cup of java and a good book!

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