Five Loves…

The perfect casual Friday outfit to transition right into happy hour and then right into a night out with friends.  Casual, chic and comfortable – my three staples for Friday.

Adding a little color to my look by painting my nails a fun bright color – simple love how it changes my whole attitude (at least for a day!).

Lovely spring colored macaroons are the perfect little delight to indulge in and add some color to your day.  I am finding a way to work this little treat into my weekend. For sure.

Lavender.  One of my favorite scents – and it is so pretty when it is dried.  Such a simple thing, and yet it makes me smile every time.

A fun little fort to chill in.  It is going to happen – whether it is a full on fort party or just sharing my fort with the one my love one day.  It will happen and it will be amazing.

We made it, loves.  Another week has come and gone and now we get a little time to refresh.  So what will you be indulging in this fine weekend to refresh your soul?

Much love,



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