And the Award Goes To…

I love the Oscars so much.  I meant, really, I love award shows.  It is a fabulous time to honor the best of the best from the year – but it is also an excuse for ladies to wear some of the finest pieces of art.  The gowns are stunning – especially on the red carpet of The Academy Awards.  So many women looked gorgeous last night – though there were a few I did not love, we will focus on the ones I did love…

I am not sure who I would give thee best dressed to, but it may have to be Rooney Mara.  I loved her whole look.  The clean-cut bangs, the bright red lips, and such a beautiful silhouette for her dress – such a stunning lady.  Probably also helps that I loved her in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  Did you watch the awards?  Who was you favorite?  Or who were your few favorites of the night?

Much love,


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