From the Runway {Burberry Prorsum}…

Runway shows rarely let me down.  They are filled with walking art that is inspiring and stunning.  The Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2012-2013 show is no exception.  I adore this collection so much.  I think what does me in are the cute bows that complete each look.  From the rich, velvet, thick bows to the skinny, pops of color with hardware bows – I simply love them.  It cinches in the look to add a flattering final touch and show off your feminine figure just enough, without being too much so they still look like a lady.  Plus, there are these classic skirts paired with fun shirts with animals sketched on – how can you not love these looks?!  Oh, if I could, I would take one of each, please!

I truly am a sucker for pairing pieces together that at first glance one would at first glance say are a miss match, when rather they end up being the perfect match.  What do you think of the collection?  Could you see yourself wearing these pieces as you walk down the streets of your city?

Much love,


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