Bring on the Work Week…

The weekend is over, for me that is – as many of you are enjoying a third day off, and it is time to put away my leggings and minis and bring out the work wear.  However, that does not mean it has to be frumpy and boring, rather just a different style than “hipster” or “bohemian” if you will, for lack of a better all-encompassing term.  I love the clean lines in black in neutrals for the office.  They make a woman look chic and like she can conquer the world (okay that may be an exaggeration – but seriously, you put on a pair of pumps and you will feel like you can do pretty much anything, too).  And with this winter being so much warmer and the sun being out longer, it allows for a little more options – like ankle pants and nude heels.

Do you that the day off today?  What are you doing with your extra free time?  Do you have a different style in the week than during the weekend?

Much love,


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