Five Loves…

Mixing and matching pieces that typically would not go together.  Simply adore.  My style to a tee (at least the weekend…).

Seeing one of my besties engaged to an amazing guy.  I knew I felt like the third wheel back in the day for some reason…but couldn’t be more excited for these two!  And SO thankful to longer have to lie to E about the ring and not having any idea of when he was going to ask!  I feel like a free woman again (but it was totally worth it).

The Donut Coop.  It is my Friday morning tradition.  And, let’s be honest – any other day of the week (other than Monday because they are closed) I need a little pick me up in my day tradition. On Tuesday they even had my favorite with pink icing in honor of Valentine’s Day – it was the perfect way to start off the fabulous day.

I could lay around in this look all weekend.  It is stunning and cozy at the same time.  Brilliant.

I cannot get enough of him.  Seriously.  I am excited to finally get to watch drive this weekend – if all else fails, at least we will have pretty to look at.

How about you – what are you loving?  Any good movies you recommend as of late?

Much love,



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