All Their Glitters are Their Jewels…

I go to a lot of weddings.  We all know this by now.  But, before the wedding there is always the engagement.  With that, obvious statement, comes the reality that I have looked at a LOT of rings over the last few years – for my dear friends.  It is only natural to start thinking – what jewel would I like to see on my hand when that sparkle catches my eye from my own hand?!  I want yellow gold and I want it to look antique.  And let’s be honest, I want it to be a rock – nothing too big, but I want to be able to see it.  I mean – if you are asking me to wear an accessory for the rest of my life, I want it to be something that makes me smile (though – if I was in love I would smile with anything I am sure AND he would hopefully be wise enough to ask a good friend or I guess consult this convient blog post…).  Just look at some of these lovelies…

Did you help your significant other out when picking out your ring?  To the single ladies – do you know what you want or will you be happy with anything?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “All Their Glitters are Their Jewels…

  1. Gorgeous picks, the last one is my favorite! My husband enlisted a friend to find out what I liked and bought me almost the exact ring I wanted. It was perfect.

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