A Life in Fashion…

Today marks the start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – New York.  It really is a holiday.  Gets women from around the world together in their finest – even in the cold, though it has been a little warmer this year.  Fashionistas from around the world fly in, and those that cannot, like myself, watch to see what will grace the runways from their lovely home computers.  However, the fashion we love to see is not limited to the runways – the street fashion during Fashion Week is always stunning and inspirational.  Oh, this time of year just makes me so giddy.

Have you ever been to a fashion week?  Would you want to go – or are you fine with enjoying from your home?

Much love,


PS.  And since it is the season of love and fashion, my friend Dawn over at The Alternative Wife is having a fabulous giveaway – so head over there and enter!  I am really hoping I win, but thought I should share the joy with you, my loves!

3 thoughts on “A Life in Fashion…

  1. I get excited every season for it. There’s such a buzz in the city. And I’ve been many times but I actually took off for a few seasons because it got to be too much. Kinda got sick of the cattle call and decided to watch from afar. But I’m refreshed and just about ready to go back 🙂

  2. I wish i could go to a fashion show some day….until now i have not do it that;)I’m a little bit of jealous of the girls that take the plane just for going to a fashion event!Nice post:)Much love

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