Romantic Hues…

Bright lips and nails is almost always my default.  There is a femininity about them – they make you feel pretty.  With Valentine’s Day so close upon us, I have been all about the pink and red nail and lips.  Currently I am rocking some rich full bodied pink  – Pink Flamenco by OPI to be exact.  Though, I am getting my nails done on Saturday, so I may switch it up and go with more of a bold red for Valentine’s Day.   How can a lady really go wrong with reds or pinks – such romantic hues.  Pair a subtle face with bright lips is a beautiful statement – and add some fun nails to finish off the look – stunning.

Are you a red or pink fan?  How often do you change your nail color?  Do you always have something on your nails?  I cannot remember the last time I went without nail polish – and I am quite alright with that.

Much love,


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