Avoid the Grey…

This past Saturday, I went to Avoid the Grey with a dear friend and fellow fashion blogger, Chelsea of Zipped.  We also caught up with a few other local fashion bloggers, which was super fun.  Even more fun was seeing a real, live, happening fashion scene right here in Minneapolis. I love when we all come out and gather – and what a perfect time than Fashion Week.  Festivities really get going in a couple weeks, but we are all about spreading the love here and beauty, so why not have a fashion filled month.  Seriously – I think I love February because of fashion weeks happening across the world, including my own city, and Valentine’s day – it is the perfect combination for this fashionista lover of love and fashion.  Just look at everyone…

This was not a standard fashion show – which should not shock anyone that knows anything about Minneapolis, especially the Arts District in NE.  It was in an old warehouse that has been converted into a gorgeous open, simple space.  A blank canvas to start with and transform the space to be just what the designers want.  There were five boxes set up in the room.  Each had it’s own scene with a model standing in the box.  Half way through the night the looks were flipped, so there were a total of ten looks.  The viewers were only able to look in and see the beauty by peering through little holes.  I felt like Alice looking through the looking glass into Wonderland.  Here are a few of my favorites…

This girl was amazing – her eye liner alone drew me in.  It looked like little tree branches coming out of her eyes.  Stunning and creepy all in one.

I love how the lightening in this box really drew out the contrast of her ginger hair.  Gorgeous.  These last two images also give you a little idea of the wholes we were looking through.  I loved the way the designs were displayed – each truly had emotion and a story behind it.

Have you been able to enjoy any fashion week events where you are?  

Much love,



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