Hearts a Flutter…

I love February.  There is red and pink hearts everywhere and lots of wonderful heart shaped sweets.  What lady doesn’t love chocolate?!  I am a firm believer that no one needs to be in a relationship to enjoy the beauty of love.  I am surrounded by so much love with my friends and so that gives me reason enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day with joy – and really, spread the joy of the love over the whole month (though, really we should be celebrating love daily).  I also love Valentine’s Day because it is not a standard family holiday, but it was still a big deal when I was growing up.  I always got a little gift and got to eat chocolate for breakfast – best day ever.  And, I also always got to get a new outfit for Valentine’s Day, what fashionista doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping and get a new outfit?!  These are all traditions that I have loved to continue to enjoy as February rolls around each year.  So, the shopping has begun for my new outfit, planning for the annual Valentine’s Tea is in full swing,  and I am sharing the love by starting the day with a thought on love.  It may be cheesy, but something about these thoughts and quotes makes me smile – so I want to share the love with you, my loves.

How do you feel about February?  Do you get a Valentine’s Day outfit? 

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Hearts a Flutter…

  1. I loved Valentine’s Day growing up but now it’s just kind of like Meh. Travis and I will still probably do something more romantic than the standard “eat dinner in the front of the TV” thing but we don’t do gifts or anything. I really love that girl’s outfit though – those tights with the hearts are adorable!

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