Five Loves…

I adore this photo from Glamour UK 2012.  It is so whimsical and just takes you away.

Ellie Saab’s Haute Couture 2012 collection takes you away to a fairytale land – what lady doesn’t love a good fairytale?!

What is there not to love about this photo?  All the beautiful shoes overflowing in a gorgeous living room – I am such a sucker for a chandelier.

Speaking of loving chandeliers – just look at these gorgeous ones.

I love this Prada shot – it leaves you lost in the story of these two.  So much emotion is caught in this stunning photo.

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in a photograph and coming up with the story behind it?

Much love,


One thought on “Five Loves…

  1. I love reading a fashion magazine several times over. the first time is just a run-through to see what really catches my eye. The second time I actually read the longer articles, and the third time I love to analyze the ads and come up with stories for them 🙂

    BTW, speaking of fairy tales, that bathtub full of shoes is a dream come true !

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